U.S. car agency foreclosure auction process
Number of daysProcessExplanation
1 dayVehicle selection
  • The principal starting with the selection of the U.S. announcement of auction schedule marked vehicles want to come by.
  • Tender Agent to inform the trustee of the right vehicle from the standard price and the total price of the vehicle estimated value.
  • The same way in the real estate brokerage, full transparency of all costs spent to complete all the formalities services agency fees charged by intermediaries before the line.
  • Collection and payment of all fees collected, accountable, and therefore the cost of the principal takes the cost and Jinkoucheshang like to buy quality are the same.
2 dayForeign bidders
  • Commission, the two sides signed a contract fiduciary, trustee agency quoted received two gold into mediation, setting the upper limit of the amount bid and buy vehicles to ensure that no car accidents or problems, if the above circumstances, the trustee agency full refund cars and recycle vehicles.
  • Whether the principal told the day the tender bid. If not, return the entire mediation agency trustee gold; principal who has won the bid and abandon standard, the agency did not enter the full mediation trustee unconditionally gold.
3 dayRemittance
  • Trustees OK to complete the ordering agency vehicles, the Client shall pay the full local foreign cars within three days remittances.
20 dayArrange shipping loading
  • Agent Trustee will bid vehicle, all files and loaded the car with the key special containers on board.
  • Trustee agency handling all local shipping, insurance and customs formalities.
25 dayTo Hong Kong customs
  • After the vehicle reaches the ports in Taiwan, the agency commissioned a professional trustee declaration units handle all customs formalities ﹑ demolition agent cabinets and notify the trustee to pay the principal duties, excise taxes other fees, shipping freight, customs fees and prepayment vehicle detection.
  • Be entrusted with the principal agency personnel to withdraw the vehicle or container yard delegate declaration on his behalf to withdraw the vehicle formalities.
By measuring the actual time cardsArrangements testing dates
  • Trustee agency initiative to arrange a vehicle detection test date Automotive Research & Testing Center.
1 dayFirst delivery of the vehicle led provisional license
  • Vehicle inspection in the queue waiting time slot, the principal may be brought provisional license road use, such as testing to date, and then the vehicle back to the car company vehicles to test Lead.
  • If not first collar provisional license, vehicle inspection for completion of all formalities and put up a full license after delivery of the vehicle to pay the balance due.
7 dayVehicle Detection
  • The vehicle back to the car to open the client company, the vehicle test Lead.
  • The vehicle or to the ITRI Longtan Chun-yuan, Mao Yuan, Kay giant outsourcing testing agency or Changhua Coastal Industrial Park ARTC Automotive Research & Testing Center of vehicle testing.
5 dayFinishing Beauty
  • After completion of the test, in order to ensure the quality, the agency trustees 104 professional inspection of vehicles and automotive interior and exterior beauty. Principals also own expense a large vehicle oil change and maintenance.
20 dayDocuments and certifications
  • The vehicle test report and related documents sent to Energy Research Institute of Industrial stamped audit authority.
1 dayLICENSING completed
  • Trustee agency handling all receive a full license and all PDI formalities.
  • All formalities are completed, the principal settlement of all remaining payments, the trustee agent delivery receipt of the actual cost of all invoices, accountable.
  • Agency agency service fee charged by the trustee (the prices in foreign bid × 4% calculated minimum charge NT $ 60,000 overall).
  • This method is applicable domestic car makers agency counterparts investments sold.

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  • Professional Vehicle Detection

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